Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Small towns on my road trip

 We went on this amazingly long road trip.

I have decided to share it in a couple of posts.

First we were kinda tired of I-80
and we found another road.

It just happened to pass through Hamilton Missouri.

It was after 5, so everything was closed,
but it was fun to drop by and see this place.

The next day, 
we happened to drive through
Paducah Kentucky.

Well, we had to stop at the National Quilt Museum.
I have been aware of it for about 15 years.
I never thought I would go to it.
It was beautiful, inspiring, and truly, the icing on the cake.

Now, lets talk about the ride home.

We went to The Merc, in Pawhuska Oklahoma.  

It was very fun also.

The lemonades were huge.

You have to wait in a long line for lunch, 

but it was worth it.

Another small town that I enjoyed.

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