Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pink, Pink, Pink

First, I found this picture today.  Oh how the goose loves George.  I can't wait to see her again.
Next, I am working on a pink and green quilt.  Dixie gave me the pattern and I have been waiting to work on it.  It is taking some time, but I think I am going to love it.  I know I loved Dixie's.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Laura's Quilt

This quilt has been such a journey, and we are not done yet. When I went to Canada last year, I came home with this fabric to make Laura a quilt. She told me not to worry about it until summer. When we were visiting before our granddaughter was born, she saw a quilt in one of my magazines and asked if we could do it. It was a a small change from what we planned. So when the summer came and I woke up with a herniated disk, this was next on my quilt list. First I did the math, and changed the pattern from a small quilt to a King size quilt. Then I used a calculator I found on Wes's dresser to figure out how many strips to cut. That calculator answered in fraction form..???? Too much info for me, I went down and got mine from the sewing table and it helped. Next I set a goal to put on one boarder a day. There is also a seam down in the middle part that had to be matched up. I finished this part by the end of June. I took it to the Quilt Barn. I requested silk batting because when we were buying the fabric, the lady told us we had to use it. Well, it turned out to be a challenge to get a hold of. However, this week they called and said it was done. I have all 400 inches of binding ready to put on. It is going to go back to Canada at Christmas with K@C. I am just happy that I am almost done with my summer project!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I love my Kindle.  My children gave it to me as a gift.  Whats not to like?  It is light weight, it is easy to read and it does not take up much room in my purse.  The only problem with my Kindle is that it is Wi-fi and we use the neighbors Wi-fil.  Hey, they invited us.  For some reason, my Kindle does not pick up the signal really well from inside, so I have to go outside to download books.  To avoid this issue, on my pay day, I go to a local hamburger place, The Burnt Lemon Grill, and download a book or two why Wes orders dinner.  What a great tradition.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I asked my children what they remembered about 9/11.  I was surprised by their answers.  So this is for them, what I remember.

  • We were living in California.  It was on the news and remember thinking that it was wrong for us to watch people die.  I took the kids to school.
  • I was surprised how quiet it was without any air traffic.  I knew we  lived in the air path of one of the Bay Area airports, because we could see planes all the time, but I had never noticed the noise.  
  • I wanted to go home.
  • On Saturday we went to the Oakland Temple.  There were flags on every over pass.  There were rental cars with license plates from all over the country, they were people trying to get home.  The temple was busy and I was grateful to be there.  I felt like I was home.
  • We went to the first A's game after their brief time off.  Before the game, a huge flag was presented by members of the armed services.  I remember looking at my boys and knowing that they would all be affected by a war soon to come.  
  • It has been 10 years and I have seen many changes in this country.   We can never go back, but we can never stop trying to make it better.  

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wagon Days Parade

We went to Ketchem today to watch the Wagon Days parade. If you like the ponies, this is a beautiful parade to watch. I am starting with the end: 20 mule train. It is something to see.
The parade is all horses, with the exception of two bands and a group of cheerleaders.
It is also fun to people watch. We sat by a lady from New Jersey and a couple from Salmon Idaho.
So what do you think? Is it too Halloweenie? I purposely turned the blocks so that I would get the black diagonals. I need a 3" boarder, but not sure what I am going to do. In the mean time I am making up a batch of receiving blankets. Love them!!!