Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Point

I am still incredibly busy.
However, I needed to go pick Scott up at the lake.
This picture is taken from the beach
 at the Point  at Redfish Lake.
It is my favorite beach and if you can get a campground their...
just go and enjoy it.

By the way, on our way home, we saw a moose!
I was pretty excited about that.
We saw it off the road between Ketchem and Haily.
I sure hope she stayed off the road,

It is nice to have Scott home, if only for a day or two.
He took on this giant burrito.
Looks like he has dinner for a few days.

I have no intention of turning this into a kindergarten blog.
I did make it through the first week of school with out loosing anybody.
They are cute little guys.

Here are some of their self portraits from the 1st day of school.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A New Chapter

These last two weeks have been so busy
and yet,
so uneventful.
Tomorrow, I start my new job.
The one where I educate 20 five year old children
and they in turn, will educate me.
We all know that the first weeks of Kindergarten are
like herding cats.
So off we Go.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Fair Week

We had our kids come home for a couple of days this week.

We had crazy pool time.


Cookie time with grandma

A lot of time in the cars.

Enjoying the fair parade,

Not a bad parade.

Going to the fair

to look at the animals,

and pet them.

We had some fair treats.

Then we went to Redfish Lake to visit Scott.

This was my vision when I bought the kayak.

She loved it.

Callie is a good aunt.

More kayak time.

Hanging out,
waiting for kayak time.

All 4 of them....not an ease feat.

Outdoor time.

More wolf-em's

and marshmallows

I love having summer visitors,
but I am tired.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

This trip was my vacation

We have been around this summer, 
but this trip included my vacation.

God Bless the Pacific Ocean.
What a beautiful day!

They used the boogie boards,
I put my feet in the sand and water and enjoyed the view.

We had lunch on this old table just north of Half Moon Bay.

Later we went to the marina and found some clam chowder

I love this little house we found on our walk.

Okay, I always do a writing project about shells with my little kiddos
and I tell them that when you find a sand dollar it looks like hamburger patty.
So what do you think?  
A McDonalds Hamburger Patty, right?
Can't wait to print this picture and show them.  

Here comes the sun.

We had lunch in Half Moon Bay the next day.  

When in Half Moon Bay,
one must buy a half moon cookie.
We got ours from the Half Moon Bay bakery.

It was Callie's birthday,
so we celebrated with the A's

The A's lost, but it was a great game.

The crazy fans kept us entertained.

We watched fireworks from center field.
and enjoyed it immensely.

We stopped at a fruit stand 
and  picked up some of these to bring home.
I wish you could smell them.

Had dinner with dear friends of ours.

And now we are home,
and my feet are happy to be here.