Friday, June 26, 2015

Weekend with the kids

We have had the kids home this week.

Look at this little guy,
he is growing!

A friend gave me some wolf em sticks.
I do not claim to be an expert, 
but they turned out to be a hit.

We are so thankful for Katelyn
because she figured out how to use them.

We had a nice evening of visiting and eating.

They taste good too.

You kinda have to shove them in your mouth.
thus the title wolf em

Here is a perfect one.

Fast forward a few days.

Richard is ready to enter the MTC in Provo Utah.

The traditional picture with the parents.

The not so traditional picture with his two cute nephews.
I love this picture.

And he is off.
I will not lie,
It is the hardest thing in the world
for a mom to see her son off for 2 years.

But it is easier with each one.
He gets to call home on Christmas and Mothers Day, 
for a total of 4 phone calls.
It is how I count down.

6 months until the first phone call.

In the mean-time,
there will be an e-mail once a week.
We will post them here.
Please feel free to check up on the boy.
And oh yeah, and prayers are much appreciated.  

Sunday, June 21, 2015


We had an adventure getting to Canada last week.
We had a car problem and left it in Shelby Montana, 
we picked it up on our way home.  
Keith and Courtney were very nice to pick us up and drop us off.

We visited a very nice Science Center with the girls.
They really enjoyed it.

As did there father and grandfather.

I really wanted one of these shirts.
I just didn't want someone to ask me what these elements were.
So, I left it for someone smarter than me.

It was a cute place to play.

The girls enjoyed it.

We also sampled some poutine on this trip.
French Fries --- Gravy ---  Cheese Curds
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

The girls were sharing some water.

We paid a visit to the temple in Calgary.

It was a good trip.

They are sharing a snack.

While we were in  Canada, my dad suffered a stoke -
he was at home in California-.
He is doing well today in a rehab center.
His biggest problems are the use of his
legs and right arm.

They are working him hard
and he hopes to go home July 1st.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Still in love with Flowers

I love these two flowers.
I just feel that one of them needs to move.
As soon as I decide who is moving and where,
I will be right on it.

We had a LoT of Spring rain
and it shows.

This mess of roots is slowing down the re-building of the fence.
I may have to call in some younger helpers.

It is hard to believe that I bought these perennials on clearance last year.
They came through for me.

And one other thought.
I love that we took down the rock -stove- thingy
and found something to do with the rocks.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Baby Blessing

Disclaimer:  There are too many pictures here.

Last week we went to the baby blessing of Calvin Scott.
He did a lot of sleeping.

His brother did a lot of snacking.

They are a sweet little family.

Later this week, they came for a visit.
We went swimming.

Played out side.

Roasted marshmallows.
-notice the one on grandpa's chin-

He enjoyed the snacking.

An we played with Calvin too.

Here is an update on our project out back.
There is no fence, 
in fact, there is less fence.