Monday, June 20, 2016

Grandmas Day Out

I do not have any of my own children working at Redfish Lake this summer.
My friend and her husband are working there.

Her mother misses her so much.
We tried to put this little outing together last year, 
but we didn't pull it off, so this year, we decided that we would do it as soon as we could.

I called it 
Grandmas Day Out,
but it was really,
Great Grandmas Day Out.

Wes and I took these two ladies - both pushing 90-- up for a day trip.

It was enjoyable.
They were troupers.
It was June, so the weather changed 3 times while we were there.

All in all,
a lovely day.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Is it my vacation yet?

I had this crazy week.
The week after the wedding.
I have my house back in order,
but have not made up the beds yet.
This is the first summer that I do not have any visitors scheduled to come.

I had an experience Sunday that made me think.
The husband to my mothers cousin has been telling me that he has
 an Empey line in his family history.
Sunday, he told me the name and that he was born in Ammon Idaho.
That sealed the deal.  
So I pull out my Kindle and find our common ancestor.

So what did I take away from this.
I have my family history with me.
In my purse.
Since I posted pictures of my ancestors,
they have become so real to me.
All I need is some WiFi and we are connected.

Here are some pictures of the wedding.  

Can't wait to get out there and enjoy summer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June wedding

I made it.
When I woke up Friday, I thought, 
"Is today the day?"
No, I had to wait.

Even if  I'm not a wedding planner,
people were happy.

Here are some random shots.
There will be more someday.

My sweet little granddaughters

Mother of the bride

Father of the bride

Callie and my mom.
I think they have the same check bones
don't you?

Love this picture of Uncle Mike.

Mr. and Mrs. Ottley

My grandsons

Some of the grandfathers

I love these girls.
They are smart, independent and pretty.

More grandparents

These two became very good friends

Callie with her brothers

 Auntie Callie and  Spencer with her nieces and nephews.
Someone didn't want to be in the picture.
I love this picture.