Sunday, March 27, 2016

There are billboards on I-15 for Virgin River Casino
with rooms for $27.
For a couple of years, I have thought it would be a great Spring Break Trip...
warm, cheap and only 8 hours away.

So off we went.

The rooms were clean, the food was good and the weather was warm.
Plus, that canyon you drive through between St. George and Mesquite, is AMAZING.

We took a little trip to Zions National Park.
The colors were so vibrant.
I felt like I had high definition in my glasses.

We took the bikes.
There is only one trail that allows bikes.

Then we had a picnic.
I do love a picnic.

We hiked the Watchman trail.

Do you love this chair that nature has prepared for hikers?

The end of the trail supplied some spectacular views.

And quiet contemplation time.

We made it.

While sitting there -- Wes was off on the loop hike.

I noticed this tree.

I could not help but wonder.
Sometimes being the tallest is not an asset.

 On the way down, we saw a couple of big horn sheep.

Parts of the trip not photographed:
I missed passing my test by 1 History question.

A happy family dinner with Todd and crew.

An evening with Mike and Martha...I love those guys.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


I am so happy for the first day of Spring

Spring in Idaho can look more like this.

Oh well, we look forward to summer.

I have been studying for a test I have to pass take 
to finish my teaching certificate.

I have been crazy the last two weeks

When I was in college, 
I believed I could memorize anything if I could write it 7 times.

I have tried to write my notes 7 times,
I'm not there, but close.
Your good thoughts and prayers will be appreciated.  

So we will start  our Spring Break at a testing center.
Then we are going to find a warm spot to get thawed out.

Next year, Spring Break will be in North Carolina.
Todd's going to Duke!

Have a great week.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Grandpa and Sourdough Panecakes

I'm not sure how it happens,
but sometimes, when I make sourdough pancakes
I remember my grandpa.

So yesterday, my first pancakes were too big and odd shaped.

Which took my mind back to this place.
Bone Idaho

Were we had family reunions.
My Grandpa always made sourdough pancakes
and cooked them on a black, cast iron griddle, over the fire.

It was a good memory.

My grandpa, Oren -Jake- Empey, is wearing a white hat,
standing near the man with a black hat.
His sisters are in the front,
Edith and Lottie.
This picture was taken in Bone Idaho.

The reason we had the reunions in Bone Idaho
is because it was the family summer grazing property.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hall Family Scouting

I was tagged in facebook, by Wes's niece, to post a 
Scouting image once a day for a week.

I did, but I really wanted to post them here,
and add a few comments.

This is Keith at 8.
He is wearing his dad's cub scout shirt.
I thought it would be cool to have a picture of all the boys in scout shirts at the age of 8.
This is the only one I posted, but we did take pictures of all the boys.

Now, here is one that made me smile.
It is Todd and I at a pack meeting at my friends house in California.
Truth be known, I hated that yellow shirt.
As for the hair, it is now gone for good.

Let's jump forward.
What can I say?  I was busy for a few years.
Keith was the first Eagle Scout in the family.

I know that this one, looks like the last, 
but I love this picture.
We finally have Richard in a uniform.
Uncle Pete and Peter O came for the ceremony.
It was a good day.

Here we are with Richard.
He is trying to pin the pin to the t-shirt, not me.
I love this picture.
If you look, I'm holding his crutches and
his shirt has the old pack number on it.
I did hate sewing patches on shirts.

And last of all.
Well, it's Scott, the Eagle Scout.
I kid you not.
Without this amazing leader,
Scott, who was afraid to light a fire and swim,
would never have been an Eagle Scout.
It took some time and energy, 
but they got it done.


We have had a child attending BYU in Provo Utah for the last 10 years.
So we have be looking at the Provo Tabernacle for many years.

We have watched the renovation process for the last 5 years.
Yesterday, we made a quick trip to Provo to go the Open House.
It will no longer be a Tabernacle, but a Temple.

I think this is the last week of the open house, 
and not only did we miss the snow and cold weather,
we also missed the long lines.

It was a beautiful day.

It is amazing how much detail went into this building,
inside and out.

The stained glass is beautiful.

We had lunch with our kids,

got out the kites.

 and played.

Good Day.