Monday, June 23, 2014

Fifa World Cup 2014

I love World Cup Soccer.
I do not pretend to like it any other time.
But every 4 years I devote a couple of weeks to soccer.

I became addicted in 1982.
I was a missionary in Salto Uruguay.
It was winter and cold.
Our only chance of talking to anyone took place before, or after a game.
And during, well, we were welcome to come in and watch.

They loved all teams South America.
as well as shot off fireworks when their team won.
It was a great time.

I have been watching it ever since.
Before ESPN decided to put it on the air,
I watched it on Univision, in Spanish, which frankly, I prefer.

So go USA, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day

Just thought I would check in.
I am doing very well.
I have been called, young and amazing,
so of course I'm doing well.

I am wondering around the house without the cane,
and I can go up and down the stairs.

It turns out that being young, active and having good bones,
helps you when you get your knee replaced.
Not to mention having a great surgeon.
I guess I should thank Blue Cross of Idaho for the approval.

Happy Fathers Day!

Monday, June 2, 2014

We've Come a Long Way

He made it!

So did we.

Have I ever mentioned that he has a girlfriend?

Here is my boy.

And here he is with his bff and his girl friend....and her twin...still not sure which one is which.

He's come a long way.

As for summer plans, it turns out that the insurance decided I wasn't too young for surgery, 
so I will be getting a new knee today, 
and Richard will be taking care of me for a couple of days.  
It's pay back time!