Sunday, November 13, 2016

Presidential Election

I debated about writing this.
But, hey, it's my blog, so I can post my feelings.

I was more than disappointed in the election results.
I have never claimed to be a Republican,
And I don't really like Hillary,
so I'm not sure if any result would have been a good one.

But let me say this:
I felt like Hillary lost because Americans 
would rather vote for any man,
before they would vote for a woman.
I felt a little stepped on.

When I think of Donald Trump as the President of the United States,
I get a sick feeling.
I'm feeling better today,
but it still makes me sick.

Let's move on.
Let's pray for better candidates in the next election.
Let's keeping standing up for what is right.
And let's pray for those idiots in Washington,
sorry that slipped
the leaders of the greatest Nation in the World.

And lastly,
Let's understand that there are people who are really scared.
They are scared of their family being deported
and that their way of life will change.
We need to be empathetic and positive.

God Bless America.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall Colors

I can't help it,
I love fall colors.

Okay, to be honest, 
around here it's mostly,
yellow and brown.

But they are pretty none the less.

We went for a walk in the canyon yesterday.

I have always loved these,

and the crunch of leaves,

It's just a good time of year.