Sunday, March 29, 2015

Food and Flowers....a perfect vacation

Wes and I went on a vacation.
We didn't visit or take any of our kids.
It worked out okay.

We went to Seattle, but we had to drive through Oregon.

I should tell you, that I had been sick,
I just been transferred from a liquid diet to the BRAT diet.
So eating on the road was interesting.

This was the cutest little Chinese place.
I had the broth -- rice came later --
Wes had everything else.

Anyone who knows me, 
knows I have a thing for tulips.

While visiting the Seattle Center,
we visited the Chihuly Exhibit.


It is an indoor - outdoor exhibit.

I loved the flowers as much as the glass.

To think I was thinking about adding daffodils in my garden.
Maybe I should consider glass sculpture.

About 18 years ago,
in San Francisco, I took a picture of some tourist.
(It is a story that I still remember)
I loved the reaction of this couple,
so ever since then,
when I go on vacation, 
I always offer to take a picture for families or couples.

It is very rare that they ask if they can take a picture for me,
but this women did and thus,
I had a pay day.

More tulips -- beautiful --

Back to the food.
I had been feeling a little better and thought,
maybe I could try some bread pudding.

This is bread pudding -- really.
in Port Orchard Washington.

We also went to San Juan Island on the ferry.

We went here
but did not see any Orcas.

But it was a beautiful day.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Richard's Call

Richard received his mission call this week.
Because we are all over them map,
we did a Google Hang Out
when he opened it.

He is going to go to the Texas, San Antonio Mission
and will be speaking English.
Yes, Keith went there also.
He leaves on June 24th.

I just wanted to comment on the grand kiddos,
who were with us on the Hang Out.
They were all really good.
They knew this was a special thing.
I was impressed.

Popcorn on my Apricot Tree

A year ago,
My sweet little grand daughter help me move some bulbs.

And they came up.  

There is popcorn on my Apricot tree.

It is so pretty.

The only problem is
 that there will be apricots.

I guess I can pray for a good freeze this week.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oh Sweet Spring !

Part 1 of my family history photo project is complete.
Part 2 will take some time, but it will be worth it.

Please forgive me for the flower pictures.
I am just so happy to see some color outside.
It has been so nice that even
the first of the tulips are up.

I taught Relief Society today.
We watched this video.
It has such a sweet spirit to it.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Drive me to Drink

As Richard gets ready for a mission,
he had his wisdom teeth out this week.

Wes and I took a couple of days off work and went to help.
He's a little loopy when under the influence of pain meds.
He is going to make it.
It was a long day.


My lovely and talented daughter in law ran in the Rex Lee Run while we were there.
        She is 6 months pregnant.
                  I think she is pretty cool.

As for this picture,
well, I found it in the parking lot as we were leaving the race.
I have a lot to say, but, let me just say this.
It appears, that being at BYU drove some poor soul to drink.
I'm not fact, it is safe to say, 
I totally understand....I just don't drink.

After the race, we went out to celebrate the big guys birthday.
Please notice he wore his Fresno State shirt.

Peter and Todd dressed in their BYU best.

I do love to hang out with these cute kids when I can.

I am sorry to say that I lost in the computer my pictures of the afternoon.
But we played outside for a while.
And then, after a short stop in Salt Lake,
 we came home.

As for Richard and his mission --
We should know where he is going in a couple of weeks.

Near or Far,
I will miss him.