Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Jobs

When Richard was 5 and went to Kindergarten,
I went back to school.

It has been 13 years and now, Lucy is going to kindergarten.

And so am I.
I have accepted a job to teach a 1/2 day of Kindergarten in Wendell.
I still do not have an Idaho teaching certificate, 
so I will be working on that as well.

I am excited and think about how I'm going to 'engage' them.
I'm not worried about how they will 'engage' me, however, 
because I find 5 year old completely entertaining.

In other news,
Callie is going to come home and teach Math at the High School for 1 year.
Then she will go to ASU and work on her masters.
This will help her in many ways.
She will also be working on a teachers certificate.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another day at the Lake

I am still surprised,
but part of my fence is up.

So we went to Redfish Lake for a day away.
It is good to see Scott E.

or should I say Adventure Scott?

We also put the kayak in the water.

There is another seat....
So we hope to share it with the grand kids some day.

We did have a rain storm in the evening, 
or wait....

Yup, that's snow on top.  

Saturday, July 11, 2015

California and Utah

So I spent a week in California driving my mom to visit my dad,
who was in a rehab physicality, recovering from a stroke.

He is doing awesome and is home now.

Then I went from California to Utah.

We went to the Freedom Parade.
Considering the parades I usually go to, 
it was pretty amazing.

The sun even hid behind a cloud for most of it.

They had big balloons, but they had some trouble keeping them up.
This is the behind of Curious George.
Come on, it's funny.

This one made me smile.
Cougars, pulling wagons??????

But in all honesty,
I love they honor the Veterans.

Then we went to Midway Utah for a little family reunion.
Love my girls.

Little second cousins enjoying some dinner,

Next to the first cousins having dinner.

And then there was some reminiscing.
My oh my, the things they could tell you.  

It was really fun.
Thanks Pam and Rob for letting us hang out with you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Zoo and Malad

I have been behind on this blog 
I am determined to catch up.

After we dropped Richard in Provo,
we made a trip to the zoo.

It was hot and the kids were troopers.

Grandpa tried to find a cool place to get a little nap in.

Peter didn't really love the dinosaurs.

He wanted to see lions and bears,
but they were hard to find.

Peter's little brother slept through most of it.

They did like the train.

Part 2

Callie has been interested in Welsh.
She took a couple of classes in college.
So, when we saw that there was a Welsh Festival, 
we were all in.

She brought a fellow Welsh Student.
First thing we did was tour the town of Malad Idaho.

I feel like the word 'pristine' can be used.
I'm pretty sure nothing has changed in the last hundred few years.

This little cabin was nicely done.

We found a waffle maker.

This was a presentation.....I have no idea what it was about,
but the costumes were AweSome!

After lunch, we headed to the Senior Center for a quilt show.
We took a quick stop at the War Memorial and
I found the names of a couple of my uncles.

--Did I mention that my grandma grew up there?--

All in a delightful way to spend the day.