Sunday, July 29, 2012


We had our annual camping trip. 
Missing last years trip, made it really hard to go this year.

This is Lonesome Larry... This guy is trying to raise awareness and get the sockeye back in the lake.
Good Luck!

We wanted to take a hike.  
Wes wanted to ride in the boat.
Callie said that 5 year olds  go on this hike.

I knew we were in trouble on the way over.

It was a pretty walk.

For the record, I did not see any 5 year olds.

I made it and then took a ibuprofen for a couple of days.

Wes made it too.

After we ate, hydrated, and had a rest, we went to the lake.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


 I can't believe how many people asked me how I was going to celebrate my birthday.  
Really? Do people celebrate every birthday???
This is how I did it.
I did not go on my walk.
I did go to water exercise.
I read some of my book and quilted on my quilt.
We had take out for dinner.
Then, we went to Twin Falls for a concert in the park.
This was a treat when I did it as a kid.
The director was a student teacher when I was in middle school.
The band was okay, the memories were better.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Middle of the Summer

This week Richard went to camp, so I set up my Pandora stations with Christmas music and had week of  Christmas in July.
I made 14 of these little coin purses.  I can use them for gifts at work when December rolls along.
I also made the coasters that look like candy.  They will make good gifts too.
I also repaired my bowling pin Santas.  
Then I got out the Christmas fabric and decided I couldn't face anymore.
Christmas in July is over.

I thought I would update on my family.

Keith and Courtney are having another baby in January.
Keith is working on his masters and is going to teach Special Ed. Math at the High School.
His friend from High School is going to teach Math at the same High School.

Todd and Katelyn are doing well and are about 6 weeks from having their first baby.
I am looking forward to visiting them, but probably not until October.
Check out where Todd works .

Scott is working at Redfish and he is missing those missionary days.
He is planning on going to Utah State in the fall.

Callie stayed in Provo this summer. She is working and playing.
Her jobs have included: janitorial, baseball score keeping, entomology, and the laundry.
Right now, she is only working 2 jobs.

Rich has been to Scout camp and starts drivers ed this week -- HELP ME!
He also has a job.  It is with the forest service/BLM and it deals with noxious weeds and bugs.
He is good kid.

Wes is mowing lawns for the District again.

I have a new calling and I miss the kids in Primary.  
I am hoping I get used to Relief Society soon.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

So we went to visit Scott and Redfish Lake for the 4th of July.  
A much better visit than last years.  I enjoyed the lake my way.

And Wes and Rich enjoyed it their way.

And a little paddle boarding.

I sat on the dock and waited.

I got the red, white and blue ice cream cone.

And we decided that there are more cows than people in Stanley Idaho.

Here is Scott working.

It was a great day at the lake.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I feel like I have now made up for all the time I did not use quilting last summer;
I loved making this and thinking of Aunt Verna and my childhood.

I have started to work on the needle turn applique.
I was thinking about taking a lesson to learn how to do it, 
but I watch some tutorials on YouTube instead.

And I am working on the quilting of this one.
Sometimes I just really like to hand quilt.

I have some plans to get out of the house soon.
As for my family, they are busy and happy.