Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hagerman Fossil Beds

Today was Idaho Adventure Day...or hour.  We have been looking for this place for just about 6 years.   Not really sure how this became a National Monument.
 The road through here also follows the Oregon Trail.  Wes pointed to it, but it pretty much follows the power lines, make that the power lines follow the Oregon Trail, it was there first.  And yes is raining.  We need to go back another day.
 .  Just thought you would like to see that we are getting the rocks picked and ready for planting.

As for those fossil beds, turns out they across the river.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So this was first on my sewing list this week.  More on it later, it has a story.
 This picture is just funny.  We have Wes trying to express himself and Rich giving me the 'stink eye.'
 In case you haven't seen him lately, he has grown.
I did take him to the doctor yesterday and we go up the door and it had a sign that said, "Closed for Spring Break."  Really??? They called and confirmed that appointment.  Only in Idaho.
He had his echo today and the tech said it looked normal, so we wait for the Cardiologist to read it and then we go back to the doctor to explore our options.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

This week has been quiet.  No, wait, that never happens here.  Rich has been taking it easy since he passed out a couple of times a couple of weekends ago.  He can't go back to baseball practice until the doctor says so.  We have been waiting for an echo-cardiogram appointment.  I suppose we waited because it had to be cleared by the insurance, but we do have an appointment this week. If everything looks good with his heart, then he can go back to baseball and the doctor can investigate some other avenues. So we are, not so patiently, waiting.
I am so looking forward to having a week off--Spring Break.  Here are the plans:
Take Rich to the doctor...Take Rich for the echo-cardiogram...Find a new Idaho adventure...S E W!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Madness

It's that time of year again.  I have so many memories associated with the NCAA Basketball tournament that it is one of the times of the year when I look back and think of my boys with a smile. 
Here is Rich watching, and watching, and watching...It goes on and on.
 When they were all at home they would put up their brackets on their bedroom doors.  You know, like decorating the house with March Madness.
These had been on the coffee table all week, but I am sorry to say Rich had a bad day yesterday and threw them away.  I fished them out of the trash to take a picture.

One of my favorite recollections is when Scott used to run a fever and stay home from school and watch and watch.  How did he do that?

At any rate, Happy March Madness to you!

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I am not counting, but this kid will be home a month from today.  Who wouldn't miss a face like this?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Give a Quilt Away

I have a friend who is having a really bad year.  She lost her mother, she broke her shoulder, she does not have a daughter, only sons (when in pain, I find my daughter to be the best medicine).  I gave her this quilt and she was thrilled.  Made me feel good.  So give a quilt away, it does your heart good.  I have enough hankies to make one more.  Maybe that one will be mine.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

He's Back

Look who is playing baseball again! He and Wes went to the parent meeting and came home with most of the uniform. They both really liked the socks--sorry, stirrups. Rich wanted to know how he looked. What can I say? There is nothing like a man in uniform.

Life Lessons

Sometimes my job is fun. Well, to be honest, when it comes to working with the kids, it is always fun, it is working with adults that is not always fun. This week had a couple of highlights.
I have a 4th grade group that reads the above level reader.
When we were done, I said, "How is this story the same as the one you read in class?"
Hand goes up, "They were both bifocals."
"You mean biographies?"
"Oh yeah."
I am thinking, 'This is the high group.'

The other thing happened while working with a second grader who has just moved from Mexico. Our story was about families, so we brought pictures of our families and wrote sentences about them.
I love my mother.
I love Lupita. Her sister that lives in Mexico.
"My sister is grand."
I ask, "Grand?'
"You know, mad."
"Yes, My sister is grumpy." Her sister is in middle school so she is probably right.

I brought this picture ^. She wanted to write about this picture . She wanted to know about it, as in where it was it, and who where the people? I can't teach religion at school, but I have no doubt that she was drawn to the temple. I told her it is where they got married, and she wrote, I see Todd and Katelyn.
I learned the lesson.