Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin Carving

I really thought there would be no pumpkin carving this year,

but Spencer came for the weekend, and he wanted to carve.

I love the smell of pumpkin guts,

Such cute pumpkins

Don't you just love fall?

And then there'e the pretty summer flowers with the turning of the leaves.

It has been a warm October.

Monday, October 26, 2015

More Recent Pictures

We left Jerome Idaho this weekend and we entered civilization.

We went to Utah.

I always feel like I am in a different planet when we get there.
Please, do not misunderstand,
I don't feel like it is a better place,
just a different place.

We started at the Cheesecake Factory.
I had a gift card and I love that place.
Pumpkin pecan cheesecake,
That's all I'm saying.

I don't know why I forgot this,
But we got to go to the church Halloween party with the boys.
It was the best Halloween party I have ever been to.
That may have more to do with the company than the party.

The next day, while some people were at the football game,
I went to lunch with these two.
Thanks Keith and Courtney for the gift card.
We used most of it in California, 
but finished it up here.
God Bless the In and Out Burger.

Later that day,
to my complete surprise,
We all went to the pumpkin farm.
Holy Moly, it was was awesome.

We rode on the wagon.

Picked out a couple of pumpkins.

Some people went right to the top of the hay stack.

Played on the slides.

Checked out some animals.

And this little guy woke up to check out some pumpkins.

It was everything I remembered.
Thanks Todd and Katelyn for letting us spend the weekend with you.
I know how busy you are.  
I truly enjoyed it.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bishops Pumpkin Farm

 I found this picture while digging up some craft stuff the other day.
Yes, it may mean it has been this long since I had been into the craft stuff.

We were on a visit to Bishops Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland California.

Then my son posted a picture of his kids at a pumpkin farm

 and it reminded me of these.

We loved to visit this pumpkin farm. 
It holds sweet memories.
There is something about being on a farm that makes me feel at home.

So get out there, 
visit a farm, 
and enjoy the smell of hay,
and being with family. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I want to ride my bicycle

Every time we drive through the Wood River area,
Wes always says how much fun it would be to ride on the bike path.
So this year I said we would do it.

I am not a cyclist.
You know, someone who wears special shoes, attire and helmets,
with a special bike and then puts their head down and rides fast 
everywhere they go.

 I just like to ride and I always think of this song when I do.

So we started here, across the street from the hospital.

What an incredibly surprise.
It was absolutely perfect.

We rode to the River Run Lodge
This was not a long ride,
but it was beautiful.

I just kept thinking,
Can this get any better?

 We stopped at the bridge to take a few pictures.

It was a good idea,
maybe I'll do it again next year.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Little Gift

Wes was up on the roof.
I am hoping it helps with water in the house.

So Callie received a little gift today.

Spencer gave it to her.

They designed it themselves and it is made with peach gold.
Who knew?  

They are getting married on June 11th,
when Callie is done with her teaching job.