Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kite Flying

I grew up in Southern Idaho,
therefore, I love flying kites.
In other words,
It's windy here in the Spring.

Callie got me a new kite.

I realized one of the perks is looking at the sky.

These pictures do not do it justice.

It was so blue

It was one of those days

when you were thankful for God's creations.

Not to mention
your crazy family that will join you 
in some kite flying.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

What a Difference a Decade Makes

One afternoon about 10 years ago,
 I was in the lovely Turlock California attending a class at 
I noticed I had a message on my cell phone.
I had no idea how to retrieve it, so I asked a student
and before I knew it, I was listening to a message from Todd 
and he had been accepted to UCLA.

My first response,
"There is no way that I'm going to let my 18 year old son go to southern California.


I was proud of him.

Long story short, 
he went to BYU.

Move it up 10 years,
   Oddly, he's at BYU  again ---
I got a text on my cell phone this week
that Todd got into UCLA....Again!!!!!

I whooped and hollered, threw my arms in the air and yelled,
'Todd got into UCLA!!!!'

It is the closest of all the schools he is looking at.

So, we shall see where he will end up for 4 more years.

But no matter what, I'm proud of him.

Back in rural Idaho,
Wes and I went up the Wood River Valley way.

I love this little thrift shop in Bellevue,
and a couple of doors down the road is great used furniture store.

We continued our journey and ate at The Big Belly Deli
in Hailey Idaho.

Look at this sandwich...
It's visually stunning.
And it's gone, so I guess it was good.

Life is Good

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day

For Valentines Day, I have decided to share 10 things I love.

Wes.  God Bless him.  I'm a pain in the neck to live with, but we just keep plugging along.


    My sweet little grandchildren.  They make me smile.  I just love them. 


  My children, my parents, my siblings and Wes's family.  

 I know, that's cheating, but we might as well get all the family out of the way


I love to go outside when it over 20 degrees. 

 There is nothing like fresh air to improve the day.


I love my job. 
 Teaching kindergarten is toooo fun.


I love to sew.
 I feel better when I have a few minutes to sit down and work on a project. 
 It can be by hand or on the machine or 
the other day I had to time to get out the rotary cutter and cut out squares.  
I felt the awesome! 


 I love chocolate.  There.  I said it.  


A good road trip. 
 I have seen some amazing sights that you just can't see from an airplane. 
Although I must admit that a plane can go really, really fast. 


 Maybe I don't love it as much as my son Scott loves it, but I do benefit from it.  
I love Pandora. 
 Johnny Cash Mondays, 
Carol King Tuesday,
 Eagles Wednesdays, 
Earth, Wind and Fire Thursdays,
 Jimmy Buffet Fridays, 
Anything goes on Saturdays
 and LDS Hymns of Worship on Sundays.  


And last, but certainly not least, I love God and all that He has given to us.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


As an update,
I ate the cauliflower and it was awful.
Lesson learned!

Here is a cute picture of that big King Penguin at the Calgary Zoo.

He went of a walk out side.
He is so darn cute.