Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bunny Trouble

I love my garden here. It is a little plot with two tomatoes, two cucumbers and two pepper plants. A problem arose last year when someone let go of their bunnies. The bunnies are now all over the neighborhood and they reek havoc with the gardens. Wes and the boys are always thinking of ways to kill them, but as of yet, they haven't even come close to touching them. So, I came up with a plan to enlarge the garden and keep the bunnies out. I read on the Internet that they need a fence that is buried 6 inches under (Todd dug the trench) and still stand 18" above ground. Now we need to enlarge our plot. My dad told me, 1 bag of top soil, 1 bag of steer manure, and 1 bag of mulch . It works, my soil glows and produces a great amount of veggies.

I was thinking

I noticed at work that people are bringing their lunches in those plastic bags from the store, like a grocery bag. I stated to take mine in the bag also. It is a good size to bring left overs from home in. So then I started thinking about . . . well you know. One thing lead to another, and I made a fabric bag that is the size of a grocery bag. I boxed the corners and of course put a pocket in it. I am not done thinking, but I may have something here.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Walking Path

Here is the town of Jerome. In the background, if you know where to look
are the Owyhee Mountains.
Okay, so we do not have green trees yet, but we are soooooo close.

Almost ready to plant. We should have 6 inch corn by June.

These are all over town.

And here are some very red tulips. They are also enjoying the weather.

They have a bike path here in Jerome. You defiantly see more walkers than bikers on it. And let me tell you, that when you do see a walker, runner or biker, a salutation is expected, as in, "Good Morning" "Hello" or a nod of the head. I love this path. I took pictures a month ago, but they never made it here. This walk is ever changing. I start as soon as it is above 45ish and walk until it is under 45ish. That gives me about 8 months. My biggest problem is I won't walk when it is windy, which takes out most of the days in the spring-- so I use the path for more like 6 months. Today, was a beautiful day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Quilt Meeting

This is Norma's Jacket. It is really cool.

Dixie made this quilt. She said it was the easiest one she has ever made. I am already
cutting it out.

These are the blocks that Sharon won at the quilt show. She made 3 of them.

These are our blocks of the month.

Just Driving Through

Pete, David and some of their friends dropped by on their way to BYU-Idaho. It was fun to see them.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Art or Life

A few months ago, Scott drew this picture on a post-it. I would have to say he nailed it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Mother Duck.

Grandma and Grandpa
Jake, Ty and Hannah.

Here we together.







Once again, we had our after church Easter Egg hunt. We were happy to share this tradition with our visiting family.


Callie ready to go. Her dress turned out great.
Callie and Micheal, waiting for Todd at the Airport.

Scott and Rachael

Scott getting ready to go out for his big night.

You know, having two kids go to Prom is a whole lot of work! They had a good time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He's Back

Well, he is home. I am happy to have the entire clan together again. Two years is long time, but I wouldn't trade this time for any other. Because his flight came in at 5:40 and prom was the same night, Callie and Scott brought their prom dates to the airport. They were good sports about it all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

March Block of the Months

I put a boarder on my calander quilt, now I am making another section.

Here is my Bunny Hill BOM. I thought it was ugly and didn't want to make it. Now that it is done, it is my favorite so far.

This one is called 'Cedars of Lebanon'. It was easy to make.
I am a little slow with March, but it worked out well, because I did most of Aprils at the same time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flowers for Easter

Look what I got today! I am so happy that the bulbs have started to bloom. I have waited a long time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Couple More

Since I ended up making an unscheduled trip to the quilt show on Sunday, I thought I would share a couple of more pictures.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Row by Row






Joyce's, notice the blue ribbon :)


I am in a quilt group with some very talented ladies. A couple of years ago, before I moved here, they did a group row by row quilt. Every month, each lady sewed a row for someones quilt. Each quilt has one row by each member of the group. They are all made by the same people, but they look so different. Most months they had a theme, like dolls, trees, chickens or baskets. They are each hand quilted. They are amazing. I hope you enjoy them. I believe that if you click on the picture you can see a larger image.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Will Work for Quilt Money

When I go to a quilt show I always come away ready to get some quilting done. I ran into the lady who calls me to sub today. She asked if I quilted and I told that is why I work. I need to wear a sign that says, Will Work for Quilt Money.

I put this quilt in the show. I made it a couple of years ago.
Callie put this one in. She made it and I quilted it.

This is what I came home with, by the way I only spent $2. Callie says that is some kind of record. She loves the Pandas, so I need to think of something to do with them.

I love Pansies and these were beautiful. Nice quilt, hand quilted.

Here are Callie and I ready to go. The show was at the Filer Fair Grounds. We had a good time.