Saturday, October 26, 2013

Autumn Walks

So Wes and I went for a walk in the canyon today.
It was a beautiful morning.

Love this stuff, and yes, I know it is a weed.

Oh, that fall could last longer.

But, I think the wind is going to blow and it will be over.

Here is a man planing a kayak adventure.

Looks like we need some rain.

Love these colors

and this path.

And here lies the trouble with fall.
They fall down.

We still have Richard to clean them up,
but are not sure what we will do when he is not around.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day Off

After a crazy week of Parent- Teacher Conferences,
soccer, cross country, chruch meetings,
we all had a day off.
We went all the way to Twin and went to the Temple.

I love having a 20 minute drive to the temple,
just saying.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Welcome to my World

Please forgive me for sharing these kindergarten drawn pictures.
However, when I saw them, they made me happy.
I mean look at them.
They were supposed to draw something to do with Fall.

These are heart trees...naturally.

And then there is this one.
Apparently, you have ' a baby in your tummy' in the Fall.
Excuse me, make that two babies.

And then there was this one.
It is the reason I am here.  
I work with the most adorable autistic boy.

I was amazed that he drew a picture.
This is what he really likes to do.
It is a boat....naturally.

That afternoon I went to watch Rich run in the canyon.
I was early, so I took a walk and some pictures.
I worry that some of you will never come visit me,
so I took some pictures for you.

Beautiful day in Southern Idaho

So parking is tricky for this race and got sent to Centennial Park.
If you stay there, instead of walking to the beginning and ending place
as well as the place where all the people are.
you can get this great shot, with a water fall in the background.

I chose to get the good shot it had nothing to do with my lack of social skills.

Here he is, without the waterfall.

One more shot of the bridge.

What a great day.