Thursday, July 13, 2017

Family Time

I have a son getting a PhD at Duke.

To be honest, 
I have never really thought about Duke.
But now that I have my grand children there,
I think about it all the time.

Here are some pictures of the Duke Gardens.

Then we visited the chapel.

It was pretty amazing.

We enjoyed it..

They had air conditioning.

We also took a little trip to the Outer Banks.

Wes was very excited to visit Kitty Hawk.

Kitty Hawk was okay, 
but the beach was great.

I love my toes in the sand.

This is the way to have a beach day.

The sand was good for digging.

We bought boogie boards at the grocery store.

The morning walks were awesome.
Dolphins were swimming around out there.
Couldn't have enjoyed it more.

Everything about the South is Civil War related.
There are 4 Civil War light houses.

We only visited this one.

Which means I will have to go back to see the other 3.

I really want to take my entire family.
I would love to spend some time at the beach with them.

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