Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Art

Working in an Elementary School is so fun at Christmas time.
I'm not saying the kids are good this time of year.
I'm saying it is fun to walk the halls and see what they have made.

Stockings are big around the school.
Almost every class makes some kind of stocking.

I found these super cool.
You paint on the plastic and then put on the pie pan.
Very cute.

This little writing project made me smile every time I walked by.

This is a corner.
Turned out cute.

First grade Santas.

These little dears are cute too.

Another writing project.
Santa's Stuck.

Kindergarten made these.
What a mess,
but so adorable.

Love the glitter on a coloring page.

More first grade Santas.
They make me smile.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Joy and Peace

It was a good week to catch up.
Finished the Christmas decorations.

I was having a hard time deciding where to put this nativity.
At one point, I thought I wouldn't put it out,
but it is the first one we ever had.

I'm not sure why, but putting out these things
that have been with us for years, is very fulfilling.
Is this because they actually made it through 5 kids?
Or is it because they bring back the memories of the kids when they were little?
Not sure, but I enjoy the 'antique' Christmas stuff.

Please take a minute to watch this.  
It reminds me of peace and joy.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

New Tree

I always tell people that I'm not crafty,
because I am not!
But I needed table decorations for a Christmas party.

I have been so busy this week,
 I didn't even have time to find something on Pinterest.
So, Wes and I threw 42 of these together late Friday afternoon.
They were on the tables a good half hour before the dinner started.
It seems that if there is no glue involved, I can do something crafty.

I really wanted a new tree.
You know, smaller and pre-lit.
So I have one and it works.