Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Loving those fall colors

I love coming home to this every day.
I know, I should have Wes clean it up, but it is so pretty
and easy to step over.

So I say, Welcome Fall.

I was lucky enough so spend some time with my mom.
She brought me photos.
Some of them really old.
I asked her if there was another picture of her great grandmother,
that didn't look like this.
(If you know what I mean?)

Her reply was, "No, that's what she looked like."
It made me smile.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Utah Weekend

We went to Utah last weekend.

Callie went to the temple,
she is not going on a mission or getting married,
she just went.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We hung out with this guy.

He loves having everyone around.

and reading books.

We went to Soda-lishious  in Provo.
It was good.

We enjoyed conference.

There has been some debate about this picture.
You decide  --- napping or praying?

And one last picnic,
in the parking lot,
with my favorite people.