Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shoshone Falls

Wes and I went to Twin Falls to enjoy
the Magic Valley Symphony.

I love to see this guy.
I mean, I was in middle school band when he was a student teacher.

I have talked to him since we moved back.
Thank heavens he doesn't remember me.
But he is very nice.

The other thing Wes and I did
was go on a little walk at 
Shoshone Falls.

There is lot of water going over.
I learned a lot about water the other night on PBS
- I love this show -
Not necessarily about the Snake River.

It was a lovely day, but as you can see,
it is still winter.

I should not be the one taking a selfie,
My arms are too short.

Rocks are evidence that we are in Idaho.

Here is a little dab of green.

We will have spring before we know it.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Life is Good

I am still throwing pictures in boxes 
organizing photos.

I found these....
and I asked myself,

Did we really live here?

Why am I not living there now?

I don't remember any of these pictures,
but I remember the place.
We had many happy memories there.
However, the old farm house did not have heat or ac.

To the present....

my little boy turned 18 this week.

--he is the tall one--
And my little girl has a boy friend,
--he is the not tall one --

Is this really possible?

And because I can...
Here are two of my favorite boys.
-- playing hide and seek --


Life is good.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heart Day

So last week my organization task began.

I feel like it is going okay.
It may take along time and I may fill up these little boxes many times.

There were some hiccups.
I found some more pictures that I had questions about
and I had a handful that I can't decide which box they go in, 
plus I found some more that I'm going to post.

 Then I found a letter. 
This letter was written in 1944.
Holy Moly!
It was written during WW2!
Did you know that I am a fan of life during that war?

It was from my great grandmother to her daughter who lived in Wyoming.
I have no idea why it was in this box,
but I felt so blessed.
Thanks Aunt Doris, you made my day.

Well, I will move on.
Yesterday, on the day that people pay $45 for a dozen roses,
I took mine to the ground.

Roses are one of those things that are impossible to kill.
They will be back.

In the mean time,
I have the lovely cactus that Wes gave me last year
for Valentines day....
it will never die,
and I will nurture my little mini rose until I can plant it outside.

I hope you had a happy  Image result for heart clipart day.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Project

New Project

These are all pictures.
I have not even began to look at the ones in the brown box.
I do know they are family pictures that my mother took.

Although I am still struggling with what to do with the pictures my grandmother took,
I have decided to go through the brown box and sort them.
That's right, I'm going to share.
I have a box for each of my siblings, 
and I am going to send them all some pictures.
You know what they say?
Sharing is Caring.

Monday, February 2, 2015

January finally Ends

I went to put some shoes away 
and found a stow away.

It could not have been comfortable.
I will never understand CATS.

My little family in Canada sent me this picture.

It is taken at Lake Louise.

So is this picture.....6 months ago.

It amazed me,
and gave me hope, 
that Winter will end,
and the world will be beautiful again.

Can't wait to take another picture there this summer.