Monday, September 28, 2015


It seems like Richard is doing better this week.
Hoping that he can stay healthy.
I do feel I should thank all who have helped him.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

That Darn Kid

So Richard sent me a picture of himself and another missionary a couple of weeks ago. 
Richard is taking the "I'm sick position" and 
the other missionary smiling and giving him the thumbs up.
I knew it then,
I knew that they were giving him too much attention.
So last week he wrote to say that he had been to the doctor.
"NOOOOOOO" I screamed in my head.
or maybe out loud, but it's all good, I was home alone.
Because I know, from many experiences, that he is getting too much attention.
When you give him attention, he just can't help himself,
he just can't get better because he convinces himself that he is deathly ill.
Of course I knew were this was going to lead.
But I don't think Richard did or does.
So please pray with me that he will feel better,
because he is okay,
and get up and get to work.
The alternative it not what we want.
And it is not what he wants either.

I've been through this before.
It is really hard, because there is not a lot I can do.
To make matters worse,
I don't want him home.
At this point, I don't even have a bed for him.
I'm in the middle of a mess here.
I don't want to feed his picky pallet,
and I don't want to deal with him.
I like him in Texas and I don't want him home 
until he grows up some.
Not to mention that I know he can be a great missionary.
He needs to be there.

Keep him your prayers please.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last week or Summer

I talked Wes into making a little bench for my classroom.
This is a chunk of picket fence we removed this summer.

A great lesson from this picture is Spray Paint!
 It saves time.

And finally, did you notice my new bike?
I rode my bike all summer.
I hated that bike.
You can't see it, because I sold it at a Yard Sale.

Since I don't ever change gears,
I really wanted a cruiser.
I hope I like this one.
I'm taking it out after school tomorrow.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


On 9-11 we stopped by this beautiful flag display.

There were 3000 of them.

This is a day that I always try to reflect and remember that we,
as a nation, need to turn our hearts to God,
 ask Him for protection,
and keep his laws.

The things the flag stands for were created by 
the experiences of a great people.
Everything that it stands for was 
written by their lives.
The flag is the embodiment,
not the sentiment,
but of history.
---Woodrow Wilson ---

Saturday, September 5, 2015


When you live in Idaho,
you have to wait a long time for harvest.

But when it comes, 
it is so worth the wait.

I played hide -n- seek with the blackberry bushes and found some winners.

These flowers are so pretty.
I want to bring it in when it gets cold 
and see if it will grow inside.

We had a friend come by and drop of some 
cucumbers and zucchini. 
It's good to have friends.

And then there was the day I came home and saw a few of these on the lawn.
It is a reminder that Summer will be over before we know it.