Sunday, May 29, 2016

1 Week until Wedding

We have 1 week left.
This is what I've learned about weddings.
I'm not a wedding planner.

When I woke up this morning I thought to myself,
Next week at this time, it will be over.

I am looking forward to visiting with my family
and my grand kids.
I love it when they come.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

I made it!

I made it through the first year of teaching.
I have been afraid of it 
and to be honest,
there were some stressful moments.

It has flown by.

I would like to say this,

The kids in my class have gone through much more in life than I have.
Divorces, death of a parent, parents arrested, their needs not being taken care of.

Please remember, 
where ever you are,
to pray for the children in your community.

They truly need the blessings of Heaven.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Stress Relief

This is my stress relief.
I love to look out my kitchen window and see this.

I  finished my report cards and  recorded data for work.
I am always like,
 'These guys are 5/6, This is a lot of work for a 5/6 year old."

On my table you will see the wedding book 
and the study book.

Wedding time is 3 weeks away.

I am going to take the test again this week.
You know, the one I missed by 1 question.

I did get my new books.
They will be a hit when the grands come to visit.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hannah and Nathaniel

We went back to the lovely Provo City Temple for the wedding of my niece Hannah.
While we were sitting in the sealing room,I looked around the room.
It was packed. 
I could't help but think of the sad day, about 23ish years ago, when there was an accident.
Two people were taken that day.
Hannah's mother and cousin, who was only 4 months old.  
Hannah, who was 9 weeks old, was also involved  in the accident, but unharmed.
There we sat in that room; every person that was in that car that day.
It was a sacred experience at a happy event.

I love to take family pictures, 
so here are few.

My brother, Hannah's father and my dad.

My sister Allison, my mom and me.

Hannah's grandparents.

Callie and Hannah

Hannah and Nathaniel.

Tiffany's kids.  
They were really good while waiting.
I was impressed.

A very happy couple.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Master Todd

Last week we went to BYU for yet another graduation.
Todd received his MBA.

We are very proud of him. 

He works hard and is moving his little family to Georgia for a summer job
and then on to Duke for more schooling.

They will be back for the big wedding.
Only one more month.

We had C's 1st birthday here.

The cake was blue.
He like it.

The birthday hats reminded me of an old picture.
Todd was just a couple of months old,
because this was Wes's birthday.

What can I say?  He grew.

Todd and Katelyn took an adventure trip to Mexico
and left the kids with us.
I might add that it was very brave of them.

I like kids to paint.

 This turned into this very quickly.

But mostly, we just feed them.

This morning P asked me if his mom and dad were going to leave him here.
I wish.  They are on their way.
It hurts my heart, but we will see them soon.

And so not to leave anyone out,
we love this picture of their little cousins.