Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeling like Norma Rae

We will be having some changes at work, which will affect the para - pro's pay check.
So I said, "We will wear jeans every Friday until the end of the year."
A privilege we had always had, but was taken away due to the stupidity of the school board.
I should also mention, this is something I have been saying all year.
One of my co-workers, said, "I won't risk being fired and loosing my benefits."
Really????  Don't you think being 25 minutes late to work EVERY SINGLE day might be a problem too?
Well, I am sure Norma Rae had her challenges too.
In the mean time, it is time for changing.

And for changing the subject.
I love my tulips.

And my plum blossoms smell heavenly,
even if they don't produce thankfully.

These purple ones are the only ones I planted. 

The rest are just a gift someone left for me to enjoy.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Letters, and other thoughts...

I have a mother in law that prefers that we communicate with her through letters.
Go figure.
Well, she writes us a letter every week 
and every  now and then I bundle them up.

So why do I save them?
I am going to tell you what.
  1.  Some of them are funny interesting.
2. I hope my children read them someday.
3. Handwriting is a lost art.

On to other events.
We have had a crazy week.
Richard dislocated his knee and it wasn't pretty.
I could really use some reassurance that he's not going to continue falling apart.

I have been working extremely hard with a student I call Wild Child.
She came to Kinder with no speech, she used to run away, she had no idea how to hold a pencil, and standing on the tables was as common as her hiding under them.
I tested her for her last trimester and she rocked it.
Okay, so she is not anywhere near where she should be, but she showed as much improvement as anyone else in the school.
That,s, why I love my job.
Well, that and I don't have to work summers.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hang On

I love all the trees and flowers that have been planted through the years.
I love popcorn on my apricot tree.

So even thought it isn't exactly warm everyday,
and the wind blows like crazy most days,
I love that the popcorn is hanging on.

I spent the better part of my week in Boise at a Title 1 conference.
Didn't want to go, but came away with some great ideas.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Things

We went to the Hogle Zoo with the girls this week.

The oldest loved the polar bear,

But I loved the giraffes.

I think we were all happy that grandpa was there to keep up with this one.

 But this may have been her favorite part.

During Spring Break we went to California and had a little trip to the Capital.
The weather was warm and we enjoyed visiting with family.

We also went to Salt Lake for a wedding.
It was fun watching these two.
They were so happy.

We also loved seeing all our family.
Now it is time to get back to work!