Sunday, July 15, 2018

Invaded by Family

 My house was invaded by my children for a few days.
We had a great time.

Here is our 4th of July cake.

We set up the pools.
To be honest, the kids enjoyed them.

We also did squirt guns.
These boys are their fathers sons.
I got really wet.

The swing set was a big hit too.

Katelyn wanted a picture of the kids with us.
I don't like this picture.
Someone should have reminded us to take off the glasses.
We look old!

 We went to the big pool also.

They are little fish.

It was a nice day.

There was a lot of time for eating,
I may never cook again.

Hanging out,

Cuddles while we were watching TV,

River time.
- I stayed home and watched the littles-
I have no words for the boys faces in this photo

And treats.

It was pretty quiet after everybody left,
and I washed towels for days, 
but it's all good.

Monday, July 2, 2018

World Cup

Here I sit thinking about soccer.
I am not a soccer fan.
Except when it comes to 
World Cup.

You see, in 1982 I was in the country of Uruguay during World Cup.

To be exact, I lived in Salto.
It was a good year for Brazil and Argentina,
not so great for Uruguay.

People love to watch it.
They would invite us in to watch.
They would literally close up the business if it was a good game.

Since then, I have always watched.
I watched in the middle of night,
I watched on Telemundo--
they have the best announcers-
I have watched with my kids and when 
there was a goal,
they would run outside and yell
I watched 4 years ago while recovering from a knee replacement.

Now, I watch with my cross stitch.
It brings back sweet memories.
I will talk about it to anyone who has a clue what is going on.

For the record, 
Uruguay is still in it.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Montana Adventure

We drive through Montana every year as we travel to visit my son and family.
I really love it.
I always want to stop, but there is never time.
So, we made time.
We stayed for a couple of days and it was everything I knew it would be.

The wild flowers were beautiful.
This is Indian Paintbrush.

I'm not sure why, but every little town in Montana has a little white church.

We stayed in this old Forest Ranger cabin.  
It was a sweet little place. 
It has been well maintained and has the cutest antique furnishings.
It also had a couple of travel journals.
They read like a novel.
They had a big effect on me.
I was touched by the words of these people I didn't know,
but had shared a little bit of their journey.
I added a few words of my own.

We went on a walk.
Okay, It was more like a hike.
In my world, a hike is an up-hill walk.

We saw some trees.
I love trees.

If you go up high enough,
you see......
More mountains.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Morning Walks

We have been on Vacation.
Although we spend a good portion of our time in California with family,
sometimes, we just act like tourist and enjoy the beauty of the earth.

Here are my 3 morning walks.

Walk #1

It was a beautiful day

and the flowers were amazing.

The succulents were lovely.

These flowers were sooo big.

The colors were vibrant.

And what is the morning walk without a sand dollar?

Walk #2

The sand was pretty cool.

This beach has tide pools.

Walk #3

I have been to a few Redwood groves and I am always in awe.
These trees have survived earthquakes, fire and 1000's of visitors
and yet they continue to amaze.

I am grateful we took the time to take a walk or two.

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Stages of a School Year

There are stages in a school year.
 You work like a crazy women to get ready for the first day of school
 You have that terrifying first day of school
 It is down to business, and this last for a good part of the year
 It is the only way to show those who pay you that you have been doing something.
 Field Trips, Parties, Good Bye's
 Paperwork, did I mention that there is a lot of paper work
          Clean up...did I mention that there is a lot of  clean up.
 Go home and sleep

I'm on the final stage and so happy to be through with the end of year check list.  
Until next year.

This summer we have some plans to visit some of our favorite people and places.  
We also have a wedding to look forward to.
Richard is going to marry Ashley on August 18th. 
Hmm, yes this date falls 2 days before school starts. 
 I will defiantly be in my crazy lady phase.  

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Being Blue in Idaho

Anyone who reads this, and really why would you? knows that I have some very liberal thoughts. 
I always say that this is the heart God gave me.  
What can I say? I have had a hard week.

First there was the primary election.  
To be honest, I am undeclared.  
I am neither Democrat nor Republican. 
 I feel like both parties are flawed.  
So I go to vote and am allowed to vote for judges, who are running unopposed.
Okay, so I did my civic duty.
And then the most conservative candidate wins and I'm like What????
Things will never change.
We will continue to have a 3rd world economy in Idaho and
our Education Program will continue to hold steady at 48th in the Nation.
And let's face it- there is a cause and effect with that fact.
It was a primary, best case scenario  for me was the forward thinking Republican.
I am sorry to say, that I actually unfriended people on facebook because I was so ticked off.  

Second one of my students and his family has let their visitors visa expire.
They have to go back to Mexico.
Here I am comforting a crying women telling her it will be okay
and to be honest, I don't know if it will be okay.
I know that this young man had 100% attendance,
that he tested at about 98%,
that his parents worked on a dairy while they were here
and that she was crying because she was going to have to leave Wendell Idaho ???
Good night, it should not be so hard to let people into this country who want to work 
and make a better life for themselves.

Okay, then there was the school shooting.
Should I say more?
I work at a school people, I really care about this issue.
These children are real to me.
Do we need to do something?
Yes. We do.
I have multiple ideas and they do involve taking automatic weapons off the market 
and to stop manufacturing ammunition for them. 
That isn't gun control, that is common sense. 

Well, there you have it.  
For the record, I respect all opinions and political beliefs,
but I'm in no mood to hear them today.

On the bright side.... We had a Teddy Bear picnic at school. 
 It turned out to be a junk food feast 
with little people playing on the big playground.  
They were happy, I was happy...It was a good day.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Busy Bees

We have this crab apple tree.
I love the color of the blooms,

When it is in full bloom and you walk under it,
it buzzes.
There are bees everywhere in this tree.
I love that sound.
I like to go and stand under it.
The bees are busy, they have no interest in me.

They just do their jobs.

Last weekend we had some visitors.
My daughters dog, Mosby, is THE best behaved grandchild.
Richie brought a friend with him, who may join the family someday.
We had a good day of visiting and playing.