Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 5 Little Ghosts Story

This is the story of 5 little ghost who lived on a diet of white milk, vanilla ice cream and cottage cheese. Then one day they were left at home alone.
The first little ghost found some blue berries and had a bowl full. (turn him over)
The next little ghost found some cherries and ate a few. (turn him over)

Then a little ghost found some grape juice in the fridge and upon drinking a glass (turn him over)

Then a little ghost found his mothers stash of chocolate chip cookies and (turn him over)

And last a little ghost found some carrots and nibbled only to. (turn him over)

When the mommy ghost came home, this is what she found

She called the doctor and who put them on a diet of milk, ice cream and cottage cheese, which turns them back to their ghostly color.
Okay, I was pulling this story to take to Kindergarten with me this week and thought that some of you might enjoy it. In a world where everything is electronic, this story is always a hit in Kindergarten. This is my 3rd set of ghost since it was presented to me some 25 years ago. So get some card stock, glue and a sharpie. The element of surprise is what makes this fun. I do it on a white board with magnets to hold them up. Try it.


Evenspor said...

Love it. I'll have to put this together during naptime or something.

Evenspor said...


Andrea said...

What fun! I will have to try it.

The girl who painted trees said...

This sounds like such a cute story:)

Todd said...

Is this a joke about pacman?