Sunday, February 26, 2017

Letters to the White House

We only had a two day work week this week.
What?  Really?
I am so sick of snow.....

Let me start again.

This week at work
my students wrote letters to President Trump.

We followed the election,
We talked about the inauguration. 
So for President's Day, it seemed natural to write him a letter.
We looked at pictures of the White House.
We read a book about White House pets.
-they really enjoyed that-
and we wrote letters.

I wrote a cover letter and sent them to Pennsylvania Ave.

I couldn't write what I wanted to in that cover letter, so I will write it now.

Dear President Trump,

I teach 1st grade in a small dairy town in Southern Idaho.
My students come from families  that have come here, to Idaho, to work on the dairies.
They work hard. They are focused on family and making a better life for them.
It has been my experience that there is always one person in the family that is here illegally.
Please don't throw them out.  They're not all 'bad hombres'.  They are a vital part of our economy in Southern Idaho.  They are learning our language and encouraging their children to their best at school.  
We have enough to share.  America is great, because we include and help others.   

God Bless America.

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