Sunday, March 19, 2017

Results of a Snowy Winter

 We have had a snowy winter.

 But there are some benefits.

The Shoshone Falls are beautiful. 

 They have so much water going over them right now.

I remember seeing this much water as a child,

but back then, there was an old, rickety wooden observation deck,

that I was sure was going to fall apart while we were out there.

In other words, I was much more worried about were I was standing than what I was seeing.

And because I posted too many snow pictures,
My little bulbs are all so happy to be poking their heads up.

And I'm so happy to see them all.

My babies children are doing very well.
Rich looks so much better today.

And Callie went on an adventure with her husband Friday.

They will start a new adventure in the Fall.
She has been accepted to Columbia for Grad School.
It's hard for me to imagine my children being so far away.
But I wouldn't want to stop them.  

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