Thursday, June 1, 2017

Before I Forget

My last week of school was a mixed bag.
I did Kindergarten screening.
Here is my thing:
Rural Idaho needs to work on Pre-K skills.
Most of it is with parents.
It is not okay to bring in a kid that doesn't know
 or how to use a writing stick pencil.
I can't tell you how many times I told parents
You teach this in everyday conversation:
Look, the plate is a circle or
Do you like blue or green?
Come on!
What ever happened to the 1st three years?
These poor kids are starting school at point 0
And we're left playing catch up.

Daily rant over....I just needed to remember this, because I am going to start writing letters and I want to remember how I really felt. 
 And I have some suggestions.
  Public Service Announcements
.  Giving out information at hospitals, doctors offices and clinics.
  Also public funding for preschool. 
 Something has to change if we want to grow.  

I am happy to be home. 
 I have been creating some new little spaces outside.  I love this one and

it turns out it is perfect of a quilt picture.

We spent the weekend in Salt Lake.
One of Keith's roommates from college was getting married.
Keith flew in with NoNo.

We went to hang out with her, while he participated in wedding festivities.
She is a love.

It was a such a nice weekend 
It was fun to see Keith's friends from college all grown up with families.

Life is Good.

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